Lately there’s a lot of information on the environmental impact and health damages that most of the things we’ve been consuming have on Earth and our lives. If you have started to think about reducing your ecological footprint on the planet, as well as taking more care of your body, then you should definitely switch to hemp fabric.

There are many benefits to choosing hemp garments over synthetic fabric. The best thing about hemp clothing is you’ll get to renew your closet with sustainable, versatile, and comfortable garments that are long lasting and fashionable.

Natural & Non toxic fibres

Most of the materials used in the clothing industry are full of chemicals that are not only health damaging, but also environmentally toxic.  The chemicals in the fabric used to create most of the clothes in our closets end up in the water supply and cannot be filtered out later.

Hemp apparel is made out of natural fibres, which are free of pesticides and other toxic materials; thus helping eradicate most of the pollution problems in the water and health issues such as allergies and digestive diseases related to the contaminated water.

High comfort clothing

Hemp clothing has a high comfort level as it can be worn in the winter and summer. It is breathable during hot days and insulating in the colder ones. It can be worn year-round, as well as it works perfectly for outdoor activities since it is UV and mold-resistant.

Hemp clothing is also the best option when it comes to traveling, it doesn’t wrinkle as easily as cotton or other materials; and it’s washable without needing dry cleaning.

Antibacterial properties

Hemp’s antibacterial properties help kill much of the bacteria that is released when sweating, which causes that undesirable odor. Its fibres are porous and mold resistant; therefore, your skin breathes and your clothes keep that fresh odor longer.

Durable garments

Hemp clothing is made up of durable fibres that last longer and even make your clothes softer with every wash cycle. Hemp is easy to use, as it requires less washing, ironing, and taking care of.

Sustainable closet

Here comes the best part of hemp clothing: it’s sustainable! Hemp clothes are made with natural fibres that don’t release micro-plastics, which are full of toxic chemicals, such as the ones found in traditional cloths.

Additionally, hemp requires half of the water used to grow cotton and there’s no need to use pesticides on it.

Versatile and fashionable 

Another thing to love about hemp apparel is the versatility that comes with these fibres; they can be woven with other natural materials, making it softer without losing its durable property.

The variety of garments made with hemp include pants, t-shirts, hats, and even baby products. This means you’ll always find the perfect item for everyone.

What’s not to like about fashionable, year- round, sustainable hemp clothing?