It is known that hemp has been grown since ancient times; nowaday there’s a rising interest on how it works and the benefits of hemp farming. Among the benefits of harvesting this plant, you will find the top ones are sustainability, durability, and profitability.

There are many reasons to start considering hemp as a top crop to harvest and consume compared to other plants that are more commonly known to be grown, like cotton and soy, which are not as profitable or sustainable as hemp.

The top benefits of growing hemp include an ecofriendly approach and the need to help farmers’ economy.

Eco friendly

It is a high yield plant that’s easier and friendlier on the land. It doesn’t require as much water as many other crops such as cotton. It takes less than 3,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of hemp, whereas harvesting cotton can take 20,000 litres to produce the same 1kg.

When it comes to hemp, there’s no need to use chemical pesticides. It is an effective plant when it comes to controlling weeds from spreading up, as it is a great suppressor.

Including hemp production in a two crop rotation can also help reduce soil erosion, as well as it helps reduce the need for fertilizer to a minimal amount.

Improves farmers’ economy

Growing hemp can help small-scale farmers in rural communities who are struggling. As it is a low-cost plant to grow with a short harvest cycle of 120 days approximately, hemp has shown to be the perfect ally to farmers’ economy.

Hemp fibre is stronger tan other fibres such as cotton, so it lasts longer. Hemp seeds are also a great source of protein, providing even more nutrients and benefits than other plants such as soy.

The best thing about hemp is it’s easy to grow on diverse locations assuring durability and sustainability. Therefore, it reduces the need to use a large amount of resources.

Hemp’s bright future

Undoubtedly, the hemp industry has a bright future ahead. Since being made legal for consumption and its growing popularity as a clothing fabric, hemp appears to be a great option for farmers in Australia and other parts of the world who have shown increased interest on harvesting it.

It still has a long way to go, but growing hemp makes a great ecofriendly and profitable option to farmers who care about producing high quality products that will help the world, their economy, and the consumer.