At The Hemp Market, we believe in harnessing the power of the mighty hemp plant to nourish the body, the skin, adorn your home, add to your wardrobe and more. Rich in natural fibres and nutrient-dense oils, there isn’t much hemp can’t do.

So, what makes hemp so darn great? Well, it starts with how easy it is to produce. Hemp grows in a variety of soil types and climates, it’s naturally resistant (meaning less need for nasty pesticides), and doesn’t require much space to grow. 

Industrial hemp is a clear winner on many fronts; it’s great for the environment, fantastic for our health and supports sustainable Australian agriculture. 

Here at The Hemp Market, we are passionate about making a positive environmental impact with our Australian-based online hemp store. Our wide range of high-quality, natural and yes, entirely legal hemp products include hemp clothing, hemp coffee, hemp protein, hemp pet beds – to name only a few.  


By purchasing any hemp product on our online hemp shop, you are supporting local, Australian brands and a more sustainable future. Look good and feel sensational from the inside-out with healthy, vegan-friendly hemp products. 

In a throwaway, consumerist society, it’s important to stop, think about the origin of the products we purchase and think about its social, economic and environmental impacts on both Australia and the Earth. 

Being more ethical in clothes, homewares, skincare and other personal products doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Our wide range of Australian-made hemp products helps are affordable and great for the environment. 

As a one-stop online shop for hemp products, you’ll find everything from hemp threads to hemp infused water & hemp bed sheets.  Incorporate more sustainable, local and natural options into your life and home today. To learn more get in touch with us today or browse our cultivated range of herbaceous hemp goodies now!